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The driving test in Doncaster lasts for around 45 minutes. It contains an eyesight check for drivers, car safety questions and main driving ability section.

The driving test for cars helps to ensure that people have the correct skills, safety, knowledge and responsibility to drive independantly on the road. The test will be conducted with a Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Driving Examiner.

driving test sections

The driving test will start with a check of your eyesight. With glasses or contact lenses if required you will need to read a standard UK vehicle registration plate from a distance of 21.5 metres, or 20.5 metres for the older styled registration plate.

This will be followed by 2 vehicle safety questions. This is commonly referred to as show me, tell me and are important checks which all drivers should make on a regular basis before driving a car.

The last section is the driving ability section. The examiner will give you clear directions given in good time around a driving test route. During the test you will be asked to :

  • Demonstrate a reversing manoeuvre.
  • Complete an independant driving section.
  • Also you may be asked to do an emergency stop.

To successfully pass the driving test you must avoid the following:

  • Exceeding 15 minor driving faults.
  • Making any serious or dangerous driving faults.

driving test centre in doncaster

Doncaster - DVSA Driving Test Centre
heather court
shaw wood way
south yorkshire

Current cost of booking the driving test is £62.00 weekdays & £72.00 on weekends.

Booking the driving test

Below is the official place where you can book your practical car driving test for Doncaster.